Morobe New Guinea
July-October 1943

As soldiers of the American and Australian armies grappled with the troops of the Imperial Japanese Army for control of the northern New Guinea coast, the sailors of the United States Navy's PT boats were right alongside with them, going out on nightly patrols of the coastal waters in an effort to snuff out the heavy barge traffic that kept the Japanese fed, clothed, and armed.

One of the earliest PT bases in the area was established on the banks of the Morobe River. The river had deep water right up to the banks and lots of trees on either side that offered excellent concealment from the air. The Morobe base was established on April 20, 1943 with the arrival of Lt. Comdr Barry Atkins, PT's 66, 142, and 149, and a base force, and functioned as such until December 5, 1943.


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